Quality / Security


Harvest Valley Bakery uses an array of programs and tools to keep our products safe and wholesome. Our focus on food safety begins with product development and continues through production, distribution, and product use. We apply the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system in our production operations. This system uses careful analyses of key aspects of our manufacturing procedures to identify those controls that are critical to food safety. Based on those analyses, plans are developed, implemented and continuously monitored to manage these critical elements. Additionally, we apply what are known as Good Manufacturing Practices, which are requirements that ensure foods are produced under clean and sanitary conditions.
Harvest Valley Bakery, Inc. Lasalle, IL


The HACCP Programs include good manufacturing practices on:

Harvest Valley Bakery is regularly inspected for compliance to sanitation and food safety by independent inspection services and State authorities. We also conduct internal audits and inspections to insure that each product that leaves our plant is safe. Additionally, every batch or every product we make is tested for quality before it leaves our plant. Our goal is to meet or exceed our customers expectations for quality and safety of each product we sell.


In these times, security is a major issue for every company. Security for our employees, customers, property and processes is vital to Harvest Valley Bakery. We have installed security systems, implemented policies and procedures and developed solutions should security issues arise.